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Þ Katrina Vethino, Guild of Fine Arts: Baroness
Katrina Vethino
 Posted: Apr 1 2013, 10:00 PM

Guild Baroness
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Group: Guild of the Fine Arts
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Character's Name: Baroness Katrina Vethino

Age/Birthdate: 32. Born the 14th of Everstorden.
Birthplace: Xianthe
Occupation, Postion, Etc.: Baroness of the Fine Arts Guild
Distinguishing Characteristics: Large laugh lines frame her mouth. Large eyes with long eyelashes.
Personality:Katrina is passionate about her job. She very much wants to do well by the other families with in the guild, and make them feel safe, secure, and prosperous. She’s also a very friendly person, and is more than willing to talk to anyone. Even if they simply need someone to listen to their problems.

There is very little someone can make Katrina do if she does not want to. She’s much more likely to dig her feet in if told she needs to do something. Suggestions are welcome, but she refuses to be ordered around.

The glass is always half full, and there is a silver lining to every cloud. Just because things seem to be going downhill fast it doesn’t mean the day is a total loss. Katrina is a big believer in finding happiness in the small things in life. Some days the simple song of a blue bird is all she needs to be able to smile.

When she was little, Katrina’s mother used to constantly remind her that curiosity killed the cat as she was always sticking her nose where it didn’t belong. Wanting to know everything that was going on, Katrina would ask the questions that probably should have been left unspoken or required answers that made people uncomfortable. It didn’t matter. If she wanted answers she was work her hardest to get them, even if it mean ruffling some feathers along the way.

She also tends to be a little absent minded. A patch of sunlight on a group of flowers might capture her attention and inspire an idea for a painting, or a phrase someone utters might make her itch to sit down at her pianoforte and play through a tune the phrase might have inspired. She tries hard no to adapt the vacant look her face tends to take on when she gets like this, as it upsets people when she talks to them, but it's not always feasible.

Usual Appearance: Even though she's the head of a Guild, Katrina doesn't have the most commanding of appearances. She's not so tall as to loom over the people around her. In fact her general appearance tends to be rather average. Nothing about her physical features can be considered completely arresting or demanding of attention.

When it comes to clothes, however, Katrina loves to make a statement. Rarely cans she be found wearing any colors that can be considered drab. No, she much prefers rich tones; deep blues, royal purples, forest greens, rich burgundies, and other eye popping colors. There are so many colors to choose from; life is too short for browns, and grays. Granted, they had their place, but as accents in clothing. Not the pallet color.

The style of clothing she prefers to wear changes day to day; often depending on what it was she was doing. Days in which she's fairly certain she'd going to wind up making a mess, Katrina prefers simple t-tunics made out of a serviceable cotton or wool. Things she wouldn't mind getting stained and can take a rough washing.

Then there the times where she needs to fulfill her duties as Baroness. Her clothes become less serviceable, with much more delicate fabrics; satin, linen, and what not. Houppelandes at coteharties replace the simple t-tunics.

She does have all the usual trimmings that come with being a baroness; jeweled rings, a small circlet, and other sorts of shiny baubles that show she is a person of stature. However, she probably doesn't wear them nearly as often as she should.

Born in Xianthe, Katrina spent the early years of her life playing on the grounds of the guild’s estate under the watchful eye of her family. She had a happy childhood. How could she not? Her family was very supporting and encouraged every aspiration Katrina could come up with. So she wished to pick up painting? Here, have some water colors. Singing? An accompaniments would help with that. Pianoforte? Lessons are a three.

This might have been an over indulging way to raise a child. It was never good to spoil a child after all. But it instilled an everlasting love of the arts, and a unquenchable desire to learn as much as she could. Both of these came in handy when it came time for Katrina to be sent away to the Unified Guild College to get her education.

She absolutely loved school. Perhaps not the arithmetic classes per se, but it was a great experience to be around so many others who were of a similar age as she was. There was so much to discover, since not all of the students she interacted with came from the same guild she did, Katrina got a new outlook on life. Who knew there was so much diversity in the world? She absolutely loved it.

As the years went on, Katrina tried as many different aspects of her guild as she thought she could get away with. Quickly she discovered she didn’t have a hand for sculpting, and she was just passable at stitching (her stitches were not as small and uniform as her instructor would like). However, she had a decent voice, and could coax tunes out of even the most out of tuned pianoforte.

Eventually, Katrina graduated and her family made the decision to send her north to the city of Faeradun for her apprenticeship. For three years she lived another guild family in the “Jewel of the North” who were musicians. Katrina fit right in. Three years later, the experience was over and she was sent back home to take up a position at the guild estate like the rest of her family.

Her Aunt Maeve, the current head of the guild took Katrina under her wing and began to group her young niece in the hopes that one day Katrina would take over her position as Baroness. Katrina didn’t mind. She’d always admired her Aunt and the work she did, and was excited to be able to learn everything that was entailed in running the guild.

Katrina could have sworn that she’d have years to spend under her Aunt’s tutelage, learning all the tricks, but unfortunately Aunt Maeve passed away from consumption when Katrina was 30 years old. Even though she was absolutely heart broken at the loss of her beloved Aunt a new head of the guild still needed to be chosen in replacement.

The campaign, was long, tedious and incredibly exhausting but eventually Katrina was named head of the guild. She's held the position for two years now, and every day has been a learning experience. Still, Katrina hopes she's been doing right by here people.

Player's Name: Sara
Age: 22
E-mail, AIM, YIM, etc: PM for information
Timezone: GMT -6
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 Posted: Apr 1 2013, 10:30 PM

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