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Þ Introduction To Ethaeria, Required Reading - Important Lore
The Chronicle Keeper
 Posted: Apr 22 2013, 12:56 AM

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Ethaeria is a land full of magic, mystery, and war. It is a land populated by humans divided into three branches: The Noble Order of Wardens, The Exalted Order of the Magical Arts, and the Free Peoples of Ethaeria. The following is the minimum you need to know before joining.

The Noble Order of Wardens

Guardians of balance and justice for centuries, the Wardens are mortal humans imbued with magical power. Although, unlike the practicers of offensive magic, they cannot cast spells externally. They are masters in runic wards and sigils, enchanting, and potent magics that enhance the body or senses. Their magical ability allows them to extend their lifetimes far greater than those of common people, and sometimes longer than casters as well.

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The Exalted Order of the Magical Arts
Also known as simply 'casters', members of this order spend years focusing on magical lore and knowledge to become masters of spells and mystical powers. Unlike the Wardens, casters can project potent magical forces. Their lifespans are drastically longer than the average common man, but it depends on their use of spells. Overuse of the magical arts can leave their body withered and aged.

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Free Peoples of Ethaeria
Or simply 'commoners', these people have no innate magical abilities. Their lives are shorter than their magical compatriots, However, they are the chosen of the Creators (the holy originators of the world). Therefore, they can call upon the gifts of their holy ones. They are also masters of technology and scientific understanding. They have also organized guilds to run every day life (from banking to farming).

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Further Reading

I highly suggest you head over to our Wikia, and browse the articles listed in the 'Table of Contents'. Link here: The Chronicles of Ethaeria - Table of Contents

Doing so will allow you to grasp more fully the different groups, divisions, and orders that make up Ethaeria as well as to get to know the land itself.
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