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Þ Chronicle I, Act I: Troubling News, Start Date: TBD 2013
The Chronicle Keeper
 Posted: Apr 14 2013, 09:11 AM

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Date: 1st of Avathothen, y2120 ECC

It is the first day, of the first month, in the two thousand, one hundred and twentieth year of the Ethaeria Common Calendar (y2120 ECC). In this dawning of a new era, while some things remain constant, there is also change on the horizon.

The Wardens, long time guardians of justice and order in Ethaeria still struggle under the Law of Atonement (which outlawed their order and put many of them to death). The Exalted Order of the Magical Arts, better known as 'casters, have entered a golden age of learning and magical power. And, the Free Peoples of Ethaeria, also known as commoners, have begun to discover new forms of technology and philosophical understanding.

However, troubling news is beginning to spread from far in the southern frozen tundra - invasion! The petty squabbles between counties and amongst groups have been put on hold and the Table of Councillors has ordered a war council to be held in the capital of Faeradun. The question is two fold: Who, or what, is invading the sovereign lands of Ethaeria, and, what will be the response of the Council?

That is were our chronicle begins. The characters are heading, for one reason or another, either to the Council chambers or another location in Faeradun.
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