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Þ Boardwide Plot Page *new Details 4/17*
The Chronicle Keeper
 Posted: Apr 17 2013, 03:37 PM

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This will be used for plotting the boardwide events as well as for asking for input regarding the events/plots.

Currently were are in: Chronicle 1, Act 1 entitled "Troubling News". It will run from November 2013till TO BE DECIDED.

The following are the major plot points already being implemented:

1. Introduction of everyone's characters.
Get everyone involved in Marten's New Era Sale or another open thread.
2. Introduction of the antagonists.
By word of mouth or official report, the players hear about the invasion and who is behind it.
3. Establishment of groups.
Settle players into their roles and into the groups they'll be with for the duration of Act 1.
4. Meeting of the Council to decide on a course of action.
Attendees will get firsthand knowledge of the invasion. Perhaps even form a group to go south.

Potential Sub-Plots
Celebration of First Feast (source material:

What major plot points do you want to see?
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