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Þ Rules And Guidelines
The Chronicle Keeper
 Posted: Apr 17 2013, 03:32 PM

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Registration and Applying
When you register, use your character's first and last name. Example: John Doe. No all caps and no screen names (i.e. Johndoeiscool2007). This site deals with some pretty intense war images and language, and as such we do ask that users be 17 (some exceptions within reason can be made here, based on maturity level).

After you've registered, you can start on your application. Place it in the incomplete section if you're still working on it, or in the complete section if it's ready to be looked at. You may join as either an original character or you may ask for a character to be assigned to you.

Only human born characters are allowed, and they must fit into one of the three human groups (Casters, Wardens, or Commoners). Hybrids are allowed (i.e. the child of a caster and a commoner)

You have seven days to complete an application in the incomplete section before it is archived.

Generally, it will take the staff no more then twenty-four (24) hours to review your application once it is submitted.

The Board Rating
This board is a firm RPG Rating 2,2,2 however due to the subjective nature of rating systems, we run on a tagging system.

What does that mean? Well, first off, we're set in stone that no overtly graphic sex acts, violence, or language will be described or used here. If you can't see it in an PG-13/mildly R movie try to avoid it.

However, we wanted to be as inclusive as possible towards writing styles, character dialogue, and combat as we could. So, just don't go around being too over the top with your descriptions of violence or use of language. If a thread or post is noted as being over our rating system, it will be tagged [TW: Violence], [TW: Sex], or [TW: Language] depending on the content.

Roleplaying and Activity
There is no set word count, but please try to aim for enough detail to give other players enough to work off of. Also, all new threads must be time stamped (see the pinned topic regarding this).

As far as formats, the following is the accepted "format" for this board:

John Doe walked into the room and spoke. "Hello everyone"

Now, your text for action and speech can be different colors, bolded, italicized, or so on depending on your personal preference.

Next, there is absolutely no god moding. Ever. God moding would be described as forcing another person's character into an action without giving the other player a choice (i.e. "John Doe sliced off Jane Doe's hand before she could react"). There is a three strike rule regarding this.

1st Strike: Warning
2nd Strike: 1 Week Loss of Posting
3rd Strike: 1 month loss of posting or banishment
Anything after this results in a ban, no questions asked.

As far as activity goes, we all understand that real life comes first. Don't worry if you can't check in every single day. However, there are a few guidelines regarding activity.

1. When it is your turn in a thread, and you do not reply within five (5) days, you will be skipped - unless there is an agreement in place with the other players in the thread.

2. If you play a major character in the world (such as a Guild Baron, high ranking politician, etc.) there is a requirement of one (1) post per week with said character.

3. If you are going to be gone, please post an absence notice in the Absences forum. If you do not do so, and you are inactive (more than two weeks without a post) your account will be temporarily set to inactive. If you return within one week (so three weeks total) your account will be returned. However, if you are inactive for four weeks without notice, your account will be permanently archived and you'll have to start the application process over again.

Character Limits
There are none. You know your schedule and how well you can handle more than one character. The sub-account system is active, so feel free to make use of that. If you need help with the sub-account system, please ask a staff member.

The only caveat in place is that there is a requirement of ten (10) in character posts before you can apply for a new character. This number may change depending on board activity.

There may be holds placed on certain characters in the future, but for now, it's open season.

OOC Stuff and Miscellaneous
No CBox drama. Of any kind. This includes passive/aggressive activity (i.e. "Oh, I suck at RPing, I wish somebody would RP with me") and harassment (i.e. "hey loser post in our thread so I can reply. hurry up!"). There is ZERO TOLERANCE for this.

Remember that just because a staff member isn't there, doesn't mean we don't go back and read the CBox.

Respect the staff and your other players and you should be fine.

Please just make sure your graphics aren't insanely large. A good rule of thumb is to keep your avatars at or below 200x300 px and your signatures at or below 500x250px. If you need help with either, feel free to ask a staff member (or another user, if they're good at it :) )
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